Dr. Taheri’s research projects are determined to be outstanding and unique in the advancement of Cyber Engineering (CYENG) and Cybersecurity (CYSEC) as bases for long-term partnership and collaboration among academia, industry, government, and private sectors. The mission of them is set to: (1) directly support research needs and demands of partners in a cost-effective manner with efficient and connected resources and maximized cooperation; and (2) augment the educational experience for a diverse set of skilled and talented graduate- and undergraduate-level researchers and students. The research efforts are directed to advance knowledge and technologies in the novel areas and warrant commercial relevance of the research with prompt and impressive technology transfer and establishing spin-off firms. Association with these projects provides excellent expertise and knowledge in all aspects of CYENG and CYSEC with great connections to hardware, software, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), medical science and healthcare system, computer vision, quantum computing, data science, forensic science, networking, mobile computing, big data, applied cryptography, social sciences, criminal justice, law, and more.